AESL Engineering Literature

Pipeline engineering services technical data AESL provides sales and technical documents in PDF format for download.

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IS25 Condition Assessment
IS33 Technical Consulting and Dev Services
IS35 Pipeline Coating Services
IS38 Non-Intrusive Pipeline Condition Assessment1
IS39 Defect Characterisation
IS40 Pipeline Condition and Refurb services - 2
IS41 Computer Based Geographical Data and Audit System(DTD)
IS42 Computer Based Geographical Data and Audit System(DB)
IS43 Pipeline Refurbishment Services
IS45 Gas Transmission Technology
IS46 Gas Distribution Technology
IS47 Asset Data Collection and Storage
IS48 Gas Transmission Pipeline Surveys
IS49 Ageing Pipelines - CA
IS50 Process Pipe Repainting Services
IS51 Inspection Tools
IS52 LPR Services
IS53 Pipeline Condition Assessment
IS54 Predicting Pipeline Performance
IS55 Statistical Modelling of Pipeline Performance
IS58 Plastic Pipe and Pipeline Assessment Services
IS59 Intrusive Inspection
IS60 Cementitious Pipeline Assessment
IS62 Pipeline Leak Detection _Urchin_
IS63 Defect Analysis